Where and how can I find my timetable?

Timetables of all faculties can be found via MY.VUB, the button Timetables & exam schedules. You can search for your timetable by faculty, by the name of the professor or by the name of the course.

Are you a working/evening student? Please have a look at this information too.

1. Search by faculty (and programme)

Click on your faculty, select your programme, choose your specialty/year of study/ group (1) (2) and any other criteria that apply to you.

Then choose the semester or the week you want to see the timetable for. You can also indicate a day or a time here (3).


2. Search by the name of the professor

You can search a timetable by the name of a professor by entering his/her NetID.

You can find the NetID of the professor through the learning platform PointCarré. As following: log in, go to Courses -> Curriculum information.

At 'Search teachers' you enter the first or last name of the professor and then press the button 'Search teachers'.

3. Search by the name of a course

When you search a timetable by the name of a course it is important that you know the full name of the course. E.g. in case you search for 'Common Law and Legal English' you will not find what you are looking for since the full name of the course is 'Introduction to Common Law and Legal English'.

For evening students/ working students

The faculty PE (Psychology and Educational Sciences) shows the timetables for Evening students/ working student with a separate line: Begeleidingsprogramma (werkstudenten) (Evening Classes).

You will find the term 'BP' indicated behind your programme. BP here stands for working / evening students.


(1) The names can be different from faculty to faculty.
(2) You are not sure of your group? Please contact your faculty secretariat.
(3) Not all these options are available for all faculties.

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