How can I download my transcript of records and view my exam results?

You can download your transcript of records and view your exam results in the Student SelfService
Use your NetID (case sensitive, DO NOT use capitals) to log in.



! It is important that you use your NetID to log into the Student SelfService.
Please no longer use the temporary account that you used to apply online (your email address and a password). You used this login once to sign the online contract. 
For the future always use your NetID to log into the Student SelfService.  

Your NetID is the login that is based on your first and last name. It is the login that you use for example for Pointcarré.

Example: First and last name: Maïté Bernards NetID: maiberna


! The Student SelfService is case sensitive: do not use capitals in your NetID.


The start screen of the Student SelfService:


Usually there are two ways to perform an action: via the navigation pane or via the 'Student Center'. Click one of the three options below for detailed instructions including screenshots (the content of the screenshots may differ from your own account).


  • Guest students will receive their exam results via their home university/college. They can consult their grades in the Student SelfService.
  • Students with a credit contract or exam contract will not receive a transcript of records after the Examination Board has been convened. They will only be able to consult their grades in the Student SelfService.


View and download your transcript of records (Dutch: Puntenblad)

A transcript of records will only be available once the Examination Board has been convened, and has discussed your examination results of the second examination period. Your official transcript, including the examination results of each course as well as the proclamation code, can then be downloaded via the Student SelfService.

! In January a transcript of records will only be available for students graduating in January.

The proclamation code on your transcript of records is the only official decision of the commission. You can only see this code after you press the button ‘Print puntenblad’.

You can navigate to your transcript of records as follows: 

1. Click on 'student center'


2. Select 'puntenblad' (translated 'transcript of records') and click the '>>' button

3. Then select the desired program and transcript of records:

4. You can view your transcript of records by clicking the link. Then you download the pdf-file in English or Dutch. 

Check your grades

You can view your grades per academic year by navigating to:

Main Menu > Enrollment > View My Grades OR

navigate via the ‘Student Center’:

Subsequently you can view the grades for the last academic year you were enrolled:

The fifth column contains your grades. The column at the right is the weight for your average grade. You will find the complete statistics under the results. You can select another period or go to the page with grades from all academic years.

At the courses for which you were registered for the 2nd session, you will have a result twice: your result from the 1st session and your outcome of the 2nd session:

You result from the 1st session will not be taken into account for your average in the 2nd session.

The 'term statistics' at the bottom of the page do take into account your grades from the 1st session. This is not correct. You can always find the correct average by downloading your official transcript of records.

To view your grades from a previous academic year select ‘Change Term’.

Check your subgrades per course (Dutch: Deelcijfers per opleidingsonderdeel)

If your professor gives you grades per task (task, exam, paper, …) you can view these via ‘View My Assignments’.

Navigate via the menu: Main Menu -> Self Service -> Enrollment -> View My Assignments


via the Student Center:

Select the academic year:

Then select the course you want to view (grades are on a scale of 100):






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