Waste sorting


When waste is unavoidable, recycling should be a moral call. Next to the usual separation of paper and cardboard (yellow), plastic, metal and drink packaging (blue) and residual waste (white), VUB collects about 40 types of waste in a separate way.

Recycling points

Our campuses have several trash bins for recycling. You can separate residual waste from plastic, metal and drink packaging (PMD) and paper and cardboard. The amount of these sorting points will gradually be extended.

Recycling tips & tricks

  • Yoghurt cups or butter boxes  do not belong to PMD.
  • Avoid the use of aluminium foil. The production of aluminium is very energy intensive and the foil is too thin to recycle. The aluminium boxes of lasagne or pizza plates are stronger and do belong to PMD.
  • Anyone outside VUB housing can use the ‘Recycle!’-app van Fostplus to know when the several types of garbage bags will be picked up by the garbage truck.
  • Batteries can be disposed in Bebat collecting boxes in the VUB restaurant
  • Students in VUB housing can dispose small amounts of dangerous waste in the secretariat of their student home. Mind that the waste should be identifiable at any time and, if possible, should keep the original packaging.

TIP Obstinate roommates? Download the recycle poster to pin up above the PMD garbage bin.

Reusable cups

Since the beginning of times students organise parties at VUB. Unfortunately this creates a pile of waste, mainly of plastic cups. VUB Green Team started up a project to replace these cups by reusable ones: a sustainable alternative facilitating the clean-up at the end.

Collecting projects

Multiple collecting projects try to empower recycling. Each collected item supports a charity cause.

  • Plastic pens and markers can be disposed at the Green Team, room M0.10. The benefit goes to the Jane Goodall Foundation.
  • Cork is collected at the Crazy Copy Center and recycled by De Vlaspit to isolation material. Only real cork will do, not the plastic reproduction.
  • Cell phones are being collected to support the battle against cancer. You can leave them to the Green Team (room M.010) or the mobility coordinator.
  • Plastic caps are collected in benefice of Vrienden der Blinden. You can hand the min in the university library, the study guidance centres and the Crazy Copy Centre. The benefit finances the training of assistance dogs.