Acting in a sustainable way is always more fun in a group. VUB student organisations like S.E.A., UCOS and the Green Team are always looking for like-minded enthusiasts.


S.E.A. stands for Sociaal Ecologische Activisten (Ecological Social Activists). They are a student organisation with an ecological approach. Their goal: make the university the student community aware of climate change.

Green Team VUB

The Green Team of the VUB is the driving force behind the sustainability policy of the university. Together with students and staff they realise several projects to convert this vision into practice. One such project is Groene Weken.

We are Paris

We Are Paris was a climate action at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel .The project serves as an umbrella under which several initiatives reside through the active participation of students, employees, alumni, stakeholders and partners. More information is available on the We Are Paris website.


The University Centre for Development Cooperation (UCOS) is an educational NGO affiliated with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the Erasmus University College Brussels. UCOS stimulates the development of a critical vision among students about global matters, development cooperation and sustainable development.


Volunteering expands your mind. At VUB you can do it in a student organisation or as a student representative, but also Brussels offers opportunities to help social organisations and enrich your personality.