Brussels and Flanders form a knowledge economy. This means that in addition to well-educated people also innovation is necessary to compete with the rest of the world.

You are currently following a VUB study programme to get well educated. However, to be even better prepared for the future, you can get acquainted with business management and entrepreneurship at VUB.

Especially people with a non-economical background are encouraged to take part in economics courses.

Master of Science in Management

The MSc in Management provides a broad overview of management domains. The programme is designed for people without a specific background in business economics or management who wish to broaden their academic knowledge on the subject.

This master

  • aims to extend your basic knowledge of management and by direct consequence of economics and business
  • offers participants the skills and knowhow needed for management positions in a broad array of sectors.

As the MSc in Management is only taught during the evenings, the programme is easily accessible for working people.

Business courses during your programme

As part of your study programme you can get acquainted with business economics and entrepreneurship through a number of elective courses:

1. Basic course: Introduction to business

Students with non-economic background will be introduced to the most important aspects of how business organizations work: fundamentals of business, management, finance, marketing, human resource management, product design and development.
2. Training oriented subjects

Depending on your education, there are a number of business courses integrated into the programme.

Certificate business management for entrepreneurial bachelor students

To start a company you need an official ‘Attest Bedrijfsbeheer’, a certificate for business management. If you hold a bachelor degree (or higher), you are automatically entitled to this certificate. But more and more students also wish to launch their business during their bachelor education. The Flemish government therefore established the possibility for bachelor students to obtain this certificate  at their university. From 2017 on, VUB TechTransfer organizes a specific training program.

>>> Find out more about the specific training program business management for bachelor students

(Advanced) Starter Seminars (master students and PhD's)  

During every first semester of the academic year, VUB TechTransfer organizes the Starter Seminars.

In eleven 3-hour sessions these seminars cover a variety of topics such as developing a business plan, finance, marketing, the complex issues surrounding patenting, etc. In 2014 a series of Advanced Starter Seminars has been introduced that treat certain topics more in-depth.

The seminars are especially aimed at students, PhD and researchers of the VUB but are open to anyone who is interested.  

Under certain conditions they can be considered part of a PhD Doctoral Training Programme of the VUB.

Flexible studying for student-entrepeneurs    

As a student-entrepeneur, you can request a reflex statute. Reflex stands for reasonable flexibility. As a working student you are entitled to adjustments to the Teaching and Examination Regulations which provide you an equal chance during an evaluation. You find more information on the page with special student facilities