Diploma, research & PhD

Your diploma

As soon as you're a bachelor or master graduate, we start finalising your official diploma and diploma supplement. This is quite a process that takes time for your faculty. Via studentadministration you can obtain a graduation certificate (this document is sent to your known address by snail mail in the weeks after your proclamation).

Your official diploma will be printed in the month of December. As soon as you receive a personal mail from your faculty, you can come by the secretariat to collect your diploma.

Since your diploma and supplement are original and official documents - only one version will be printed and issued - we take good care of it and make sure it ends up in the right hands. Only you as graduate can collect your diploma - by showing a valid proof of identity.

Exceptionally a third party can collect your degree, via a written and signed power of attorney (and a copy of your proof of identity). If you've left the city/country for a longer period, contact us to discuss the options (faces [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be)

Graduation ceremony

All master graduates are celebrated via a graduation ceremony, traditionally held in December in the year you graduate. As soon as you're an official graduate we will update/invite you for this ceremony in person, by (vub) e-mail. Therefor, it is wise to keep a look at your vub-mail in the months after your proclamation. We might not have been informed on your private e-mail address.

A professional photographer was appointed to immortalize the last ceremony. You find the photo's on his website:

Graduation ceremony pictures (December 16, 2017)



Doing a PhD at the VUB

For more information about doing a PhD at the VUB please visit the following website.



Research Departments

Applied Economics (APEC) 
Business, Technology and Operations (BUTO)
Communicatiewetenschappen (SCOM)
Business  (BUSI) 
Political Science (POLI) Sociology (SOCI)

Research groups

Culture, Emancipation, Media & Society (CEMESO)
DESIRE:  Centre for the study of Democracy, Signification and Resistance
Finance and Insurance (FINS)
Interface Demography
Studies on Media Information and Telecommunication (SMIT)
Tempus Omnia Revelat (TOR)

Interfaculty Research groups

Onderzoekscentrum Gender en Diversiteit (RHEA)
Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Technology Research Centre (MOBI)
Onderzoeksgroep arbeidsstudies (WORK)
Sociale en culturele voedingsstudies (FOST)

Study groups

Technological, Economical and Social Changes and Labour Market Research (TESA)