Our selection

On this page you can find a selection of the major Brussels cultural portals and partners. 

Culture portals »

Apart from Muntpunt there are several other Culture portals in Brussels. They are definitly worth checking out! 

MuntPunt - Gratis in Brussel - Agenda.be - Cinebel -Brussels Museums - BILL Arsène 50 - NECA Kunstgalerijen 


Culture partners »

De VUB and her cultural office are working closely together with a few cultural partners in Brussels:

Rits Café - Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel - ULB Culture - Br(ik Agenda


Community Centers »

There are 22 community centres in our capitol. A list of all the community centers is available here. Our selection can be found below.

GC De Markten (city centre) - GC Elzenhof (Elsene) - GC De Maalbeek (Etterbeek) - GC Den Dam (Oudergem) - GC Ten Weyngaert (Vorst) - GC Pianofabriek (Sint-Gillis) - GC De Rinck (Anderlecht) - GC Essegem (Jette)


Culture houses »

Ancienne Belgique - Beursschouwburg - Bozar -Botanique – Koninklijk Circus - VK Concerts - Kaaitheater - KVS - De Munt - Passa Porta - Cinematek - Flagey - Recyclart - Wiels


Lectures & debates »

Studentenorganisations like Studiekring Vrij Onderzoek are know to organise some interesting lectures and debates through the year.

Apart from that are there also a load of interesting partners in Brussels that organize exciting lectures from time to time.

Science Bar BXL - UPV - Huis van de Mens - deBuren - Crosstalks 


International »

The Universitaire Centrum voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking (UCOS) and the Flemish - African Huis Kuumba in Matongé are two Cultural organisations in Brussel that focus on foreign countries.