Course registration step by step

Go to your Student SelfService and log in with your NetID and password.

Follow these 10 steps.

  1. Tab 'add classes'

  2. 'Search by my requirements'

  3. Course detail - select a part of the course

  4. Confirm the part of the course

  5. Overview 'parts enrolled in automatically and still need to register yourself'

  6. Confirm the entire course

  7. Shopping cart

  8. Check and 'finish enrolling'

  9. The results of your course registration

  10. Check your courses

You might want to look at the following too:

Errors and Problems

Often there is a very logical reason why the system does not allow you to register a specific course. Therefore be sure to check out the Helpdesk Course Registration. There you will find an overview of all available assistance and the most common error messages.

You can report error messages and technical issues that occur during the registration of your courses via the on campus Helpdesk Course Registration (available as of August 16th 2016).

Go to the Helpdesk Course Registration

Most common error messages >>>