Course Registration

Course registration can be tricky. This page will guide you through the process.

Please do not contact the Student Administration Center (SAC) for course registration matters. Your faculty is in charge of this. For help you should first check the most common error messages.


Who registers my courses?

Students are required to register their own courses to be able to participate in the exams. Most students are responsible for registering themselves, although there are a few lucky exceptions.

You register yourself

  • students with a diploma contract

  • outgoing exchange students of some faculties

the faculty registers

  • students with a credit contract

  • students with an exam contract

  • outgoing exchange students of some faculties

  • incoming exchange students

  • guest students

The central PhD Office registers

When do I have to register courses?

Once you have enroled for the academic year 2017-2018, you can start registering your courses from Tuesday 1 August 2017.

  • deadline 1st semester and year courses: 15 October 2017

  • deadline 2nd semester courses: 28 February 2018

After these dates you will need the consent of the dean for the registration of your courses. More information >>>

How do I register my courses?

There are three ways to register your courses:

I'll join a group session >>>



I'll come to the campus >>>



I'll try it online >>>



Log on into the Student SelfService with your NetID.

Select your courses, confirm these and check in detail your shopping cart before you finish the registration.

Go to the course registration step by step.

Learning account

The number of credits taken will be deducted from your available learning account if you enrol in an initial bachelor's or master's programme or for a credit contract.

Error messages and problems

Often there is a very logical reason why the system does not allow you to register a certain course. Please check the pages of the helpdesk course registration. You will find the link to an overview of all available help and the most common error messages.






 Helpdesk Registration of your Courses >>>>>>>


Most common error messages >>> >>>