Construction tramline 9

On this webpage, we provide more information on Tramline 9, the long awaited connextion between the Campus Jette and Simonis station.

Tram 9 will improve the accessibility of the entire campus. The construction of the new line started at the Dikke Beuklaan-Romeinsesteenweg.

On Monday August 17th, the construction site will reach the entrance of the Emergency Services of UZ Brussel. During two years, the construction site will move-on towards Simonis. Every phase will impact mobility. The traffic will be organised differently with each step with mostly two lanes in one direction, with a priority lane for buses, taxis and emergencies.

Update March 2017

Traffic impediments are predicted to last until October 2017. The situation will alter every two weeks as the construction moves forward. Students and personal are notified on the developments through e-mail. 

The main changes in the near future: 

  • From the 2nd half of April: the center of the constructions will move towards the main entrance of the campus.
  • April-May: the second exit near building K is released to traffic, as well as the roundabout in the turn Laarbeeklaan - Dikke Beuklaan and the trajectory between the Romeinsesteenweg and the crossroads Oude Afstpanning. 
  • August-October: constructions start on the new square in front of the hospital, thus causing a difficult and alternative passage. 

Bus services

  • All bus services of the STIB and De Lijn will continue (with slight adjustments) to serve our campus during the period of the works. This also applies to the connexion with Jette Station (STIB 53) and the North Station.
  • The transport companies are looking at what adjustments are needed to the existing scheme and whether temporary stops need to be created (plan).

Upcoming measures

To reduce the morning rush the exams of the upcoming exam period will start - as much as possible - from 10am. In addition the most lessons and practical sessions in the new academic year will start from 9am.