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At the Standaard Student Shop

  • all study material can be bought at student friendly prices.
  • you get up to 25% discount on VUBPress.
  • any (study)book can be ordered with at least 5% student discount compared to the price in standard bookstores.

OSD course material service

The students course material service under the Dutch name 'Overkoepelende StudentenDienst' (abbreviation 'OSD') unites the course material services of all the faculty student organisations located on campus Etterbeek.

The available course material varies from readers, summaries and exam questions to additional literature. Each publication is offered in cooperation with the responsible professors.

Official study material is offered by the Standaard Student Shop.

How do I place an order at OSD? >>

[A] Triomflaan 35 - 1160 Brussels
[E] info [at] osd-vub [dot] be

Second-hand books 

In case you want to sell or purchase used books you can visit

VUB tweedehands boekenverkoop (website in Dutch only)