Aid & advice

VUB disposes of several support services to get help and advice.

Report it!

Don't hesisate to Report It, when you face unwanted, inappropriate behaviour: ReportIt [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be.


Reporting other issues:

  • compaint or suggestion: feedback [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be
  • technical defect: infradesk [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be
  • illness or absence: your faculty secretariat
  • news and information: info [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be

For disputes in an education and examiniation context, you can contact the ombudsperson.


Urgent help & emergencies

The emergency numbers are intended for serious incidents on campus. Please contact in all other emergencies (also) the security departement. They can make quick interventions and guide external services for emergency aid (ambulance, fire brigade, police, ...) on campus in the most efficiënt way. If you need an ambulance or fire brigade, please dial 112.

Aid services

VUB offers serveral types of student aid:

If you do not exactly know, where to go or whom to contact, please contact the student information hub.


Most VUB services offers advice on their domain.

You can ask general information questions at the Student Information Hub. They guarantee an immediate service at the phone or their desk and reply to e-mails within 24 hours on working days. If your request is too specific for them, they will pass you on to the right person.

Specific advice services for: