ACTO project: Tandem

Broaden your language skills in an original way and in good company

Are you a student at the VUB, the ULB or ISTI? Bachelor, master or PhD student, it does not matter.

Would you like to broaden your French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, ... language skills in an original way and in good company? As part of your study programme, following a stay abroad, as a preparation for your later work or just because you feel like it?

Then the Tandem Project is something for you!

You set a date with your Tandem partner and the two of you go out together: for a walk through Brussels, to drink a beer in a nice pub, to visit an exhibition, ... In the meantime you take turns in speaking your native language for one hour.

How to find the ideal Tandem partner?

  • Visit  the website
  • click “Tandem libre”
  • create a profile and follow the instructions
  • Choose your Tandem partner

*/Veel plezier! Diviértanse! Viel Spaß! Amusez-vous! Have fun! Buon divertimento!/*