Master's thesis

Thesis topic

The first step to start your master's thesis in Educational Sciences is to fill in the form subject-title-promoter.

You need to hand it in before October 31st at the faculty secretariat.

Approved titles and committees master's theses

Approved titles and committees master's theses.

Submission of master's thesis

The master's thesis should be submitted before:

  • First session (1st semester) => Monday, December 18th 2017 before 4 p.m. (3C207)
    Note: If you want to graduate in February 2018 you should submit an online request (before the 1st of November 2017)
  • First session (2nd semester) => Monday, May 28th 2018 before 4 p.m. (3C207) 
  • Second session => Monday, August 13th 2018 before 4 p.m. (3C207)

You can find the dates for the announcement of grades and (optional) oral thesis defence in our faculty (exam)calendar.

Submission checklist

  • 3 paper copies (size DIN A4-formaat). Each paper copy has to be bound (without combs). For duo-master’s theses as well only three copies have to be submitted in total. In case there is a co-supervisor, one additional copy has to be submitted. In case another person guides the thesis as well, who is neither the supervisor nor the co-supervisor, an additional (possibly electronic) copy might have to be submitted after consultation with that person.
  • 1 electronic copy:  one pdf file containing all required elements (title page, table of contents, bibliography etc.), sent by e-mail to facpe [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be or submitted on an electronic medium at the faculty secretariat (do not forget to mention the faculty, study programme, title, promoter and your name).
  • 1 summary: a separate page, DIN A4, 300 words. This summary also has to be included in your master’s thesis, after the title page (in all copies).
  • Lay-out: template title-page, font Verdana 9, white background (both the title-page and the master's thesis).
  • Maximum 15 000 words (title page, index, summary, brief content, acknowledgements, list of references and attachments not included). The total amount of words should be mentioned on the title page.


Regulatory provisions in connection with the master's thesis, can be consulted in our Teaching and Examination Regulations (art. 120-127, pp. 53-61).