Exam schedule


In accordance to article 106 of the Teaching- and examination regulations the exam schedules

  • for the 1st exam sessions (January + June) should be published by latest 4 weeks before the start of the exams
  • for the 2nd exam session (August) should be published by latest 2 weeks before the start of the exams

You can find the dates of the exam sessions in the academic calendar.


You can find the schedule for the first session, first semester exams below. You have to register for oral exams with more than one examination moment on Pointcarré (this is indicated on your exam schedule). Look here for the manual.

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The schedule for the complete first session (sem 1+2) can be found here.

Exam results

When will the exam results be published? You can find these dates in our faculty exam calendar.

See here how you can consult your grades online (note: only students who graduate in the 1st semester exam session can download their grade list in February, all others should go to 'view my grades').

Useful information

Illness and absence

If you cannot partake in an exam due to force majeure (illness, accident etc.) you should 

You can find more information on the procedure in case of absence for exams due to force majeure in art. 111-112 of the Teaching- and examination regulations.

Exams on the same date and time

In case you have two exams at the same time, article 106§2 of the Teaching- and examination regulations applies. You should

  • inform the faculty secretariat in writing within 5 calendar days from announcement of the complete exam schedule.

Faculty ombudsperson

You can contact the faculty ombudsperson with comments or complaints about the exam schedule, evaluation of the master's theses, deliberation, announcement of results or study progress.   

Prof. Dr. Katrien Struyven
Building B, room 3B253
[E] Katrien [dot] Struyven [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be
[T] 02 629 11 32

Teaching- and examination regulations