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Learning Path Counselor

Do you need information on your programme?
Have you got any questions on resit opportunities?
Do you need an adjusted study programme?
Do you need more information on exemptions or preparatory programmes?
Have you got any questions on the BAMA-structure?
Have you got any questions on admission requirements for a specific programme?

In all of the cases above and on everything related to your education the learning path counselor is your go-to person.

An appointment can be booked through the link below. If none of the given times suit you, another arrangement can be settled on by contacting them through stbfacir [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be.

Annelies Deboelpaep
Julie Maurand
[E] stbfacir [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be

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IMPORTANT: Do not forget to mention your enrollment number and the programme you are in when contacting your learning path counselor by email.

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Study Guidance Center

The Study Guidance Center can help you with questions about your study or your learning path.
If you would like to improve your study method and exam skills: the Study Guidance Center organizes two activities for which you can register via their website.

Deliberation and Study Progress


Would you like to know how exam results will be rounded?
When will you have passed with merit, dinstinction, great or greatest distinction?

An answer to these questions can be found here.

Study Progress

The VUB places great importance in sufficient study progress. If you cannot demonstrate sufficient study progress, the Examination Board can impose binding conditions concerning your reenrollment for the same programme.

All information on this can be found here.

Study progress decision

In case you feel that your rights have been infringed you can appeal against a study progress decision within the expiry period of five calendar days.

Pre- and corequisites

In order to register for some courses you need to meet certain enrolment requirements first. These requirements can be both pre- and corequisites.

A prerequisite is a course of which you have shown that you have mastered the competences attributed to it before being able to enroll for a subsequent course.

A corequisite is a course that, if you have not passed it yet, you must enroll for together with a subsequent course.