Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) / Erasmus

VUB students are given the opportunity to spend a period of time at a foreign university within the Erasmus framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union. 

This initiative aims to promote greater mobility amongst students and guaranties complete academic accreditation for the period spent abroad. The choice of destinations is restricted to the host universities with which a bilateral agreement has been reached for the discipline at hand. Limited financial compensation has been provided for in a grant scheme.

LLP / Erasmus in the faculty

The Faculty of Engineering Sciences has a number of active exchange programmes. A list containing all details about these programmes (VUB promoter, department and field, conditions of participation and application procedures, financial allowances, etc.) is compiled by the Faculty Commission for International Relations (FACIR) and is made available to the students. Besides the exchange programmes with institutions in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands... to name a few, there are also active exchange programmes with universities in Australia, China and the USA, among others.

Student Organisations

There are also two student organisations actively involved in international student exchange within the faculty:

  • BEST

 Board of European Students of Technology is a European network of engineering students. The VUB is a member of this international organisation. The goal of BEST is to make students more internationally-minded and to make the working experience easier on an international level by arranging activities for and by the students.

BEST organises numerous activities for all students in technology from all BEST universities, including Spring and Fall Courses, Language Weekends, Cultural Exchanges, Workshops and Summer Courses.
The official language used during these activities is English. More information is available at the Brussels website of BEST


Internships are organised within the framework of the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, to allow foreign students to get experience in the Belgian work environment, as well as to place engineering students from the VUB in foreign companies or research centres. 

More information about studying abroad can be found at the Website of IAESTE