Examination calenders

Examination calender 16-17 non-Bruface
Examination calender 16-17 Bruface

Exam schedules

Second Sesion - Individual schedule:
The individual exam schedules were send by email (pointcarré).
In case of an adjustment you will also be notified by email (pointcarré).


Bachelor engineering sciences / architecture:

BA1 ingenieurswetenschappen
BA2 ingenieurswetenschappen
BA3 ingenieurswetenschappen BB
BA3 ingenieurswetenschappen CM
BA3 ingenieurswetenschappen EE/EIT
BA3 ingenieurswetenschappen WE


BA1 ingenieurswetenschappen architectuur
BA2 ingenieurswetenschappen architectuur
BA3 ingenieurswetenschappen architectuur

Civil :

MA1 civil engineering
MA2 civil engineering


MA1 architectural engineering
MA2 architectural engineering

Chemicals & materials:

MA1 chemicals and materials (Materials)
MA2 chemicals and materials (Materials)

MA1 chemicals and materials (Process technology)
MA2 chemicals and materials (Process technology)

Electrical/Electronics & information:

MA1 electrical engineering/electronics and information technology engineering
MA2 electrical engineering/electronics and information technology engineering

Electromechanical :

MA1 electromechanical engineering (Aeronautics)
MA2 electromechanical engineering (Aeronautics)

MA1 electromechanical engineering (Energy)
MA2 electromechanical engineering (Energy)

MA1 electromechanical engineering (Mechatronics-construction)
MA2 electromechanical engineering (Mechatronics-construction)

MA1 electromechanical engineering (Vehicle technology and transport)
MA2 electromechanical engineering (Vehicle technology and transport)

Industriële wetenschappen:

Bachelor industriële wetenschappen
Master industriële wetenschappen: Elektromechanica, Luchtvaarttechnologie en Elektronica-ICT
Schakelprogramma industriële wetenschappen: Elektromechanica
Schakelprogramma industriële wetenschappen: Elektronica-ICT

Individuele uurregelingen Industriële wetenschappen:

De individuele uurregelingen IW zijn vanaf nu beschikbaar op de workspace Industriële wetenschappen.

Master : Applied Computer Science


Useful information

In case you have got complaints or comments concerning  

  • the exam schedule or exam proceeding
  • assessment of Master’s these
  • outcome of examiners’ meetings or exam results
  • ...

you should contact the faculty ombudsperson.

Absence from exams?

Rescheduling exam due to force majeure

  1. First fill in the 'force majeure' form  
  2. Send the filled in form to the examiner by mail with secr [at] ir [dot] vub [dot] ac [dot] be in CC at the latest on the day of the exam (!) 
  3. Provide a valid proof of force majeure (medical certificate, obituary notice,...) to the Faculty Secretariat by mail or by handing it in on the Faculty Secretariat (Building K, Second floor)

Important!  Please be aware that this form is not meant to resolve problems with coinciding exams

Examination Regulation

What can I do if my name does not appear on the examination list . How many exam oppurtunities do I have for each programme unit?  When should the exam schedules be announced?
The answer to these (and other) questions  can be found in the Teaching and Examination regulations 2015-2016
In case you have further questions you can contact the
faculty secretariat.