Exam Schedules

Announcement Examination results

The results of ES courses (= courses organized by the faculty of economic and social sciences) of this examination session will be be announced THE EARLIEST FROM Monday February 5, 2018 via your Selfservice.
The results of non-ES courses could be announced at a different time, so don't be alarmed if you do not immediately find all your results.

Students who requested for early graduation can download the official transcript of records after the deliberation, scheduled on Thursday February 8, 2018. Your transcript should be available during the evening of deliberation day. On this website you will find more information on how to do this: download transcript of records and consult results

Exam schedules


According to article 106 from the Teaching and Examination regulation 2017-2018 the exam schedules

  • of the first session (January + June) should be announced at least four weeks before the start of the examinations 
  • of the second session (August) should be announced at least two weeks before the start of the examinations

The dates of the examination periods can be found in the academic calendar.

Important for students MSc in Management:

  • The second semester examination period for Master students in Management takes place in the 2 weeks after the spring break (i.e. week 31 and 32 of the academic year). This means that exams can be scheduled from Monday April 16th up to and including Saturday April 28th.


Below you can find a link to the exam schedules for the faculty ES

Exam schedule 2nd exam period - 1st examination session (April & June 2018)

Important: For some of the oral exams you will have to register yourself for one of the available examination dates/moments via pointcarré. For each of these registrations there is a deadline. This deadline is mentioned on the overview page for the examinanion dates/moments on the pointcarré course page in question. Make sure you respect this deadline and register yourself in time! Late registrations will not be accepted.
Below you will find a short guide on this procedure.

How to register for an oral exam via pointcarré

If any questions or remarks should arise, please contact the Faculty Secretariat.

What to do in case of illness or force majeure?

Rescheduling exam due to force majeure

  1. First fill in the 'force majeure' form below 
  2. Send the filled in form to the examiner by mail with faces [at] vub [dot] ac [dot] be in CC at the latest on the day of the exam (!)
  3. Provide a valid proof of force majeure (medical certificate, obituary notice,...) to the Faculty Secretariat by mail or by handing it in on the Faculty Secretariat (C2.03) ultimately three calendar days after the day of the exam (!)
  4. For the sake of completeness please read Article 111 and Article 112 of the Teaching and Exam regulations (see below)

Form force majeure


Please be aware that this form is not meant to resolve problems with coinciding exams.

Extract from the central VUB Teaching and Examination Regulations 2017-2018

Article 111 (Force majeure)
§1. Students shall observe strictly the timetable and location set for an examination. In the event of circumstances beyond their control, students may ask for an examination  to be rescheduled, provided that the necessary proof can be produced. Any force majeure event and  request to re-schedule an examination as a result, must be reported by the student in writing by e-mail to the faculty secretariat by the date of the examination. To this end the, student must duly and correctly complete the appropriate form. The faculties shall indicate in their faculty regulations where the form can be obtained. (download form here)
The original documents substantiating the force majeure event must be submitted to the faculty secretariat within three calendar days of the date on which the examination took place and, if where applicable, by the new date for the examination given in the new examination schedule.

§2. The examiner shall decide whether a re-scheduled examination is organisationally possible during the same examination period, and in the event of a positive decision shall set a new examination schedule. The new examination schedue may be coupled with a change to the examination method, as decided by the Dean.

§3. In exceptional circumstances, the Dean may decide to extend the set of examinations/the examination period.
The decision shall be reported to the student within 3 calendar days of receipt of the request to re-schedule the examination.

§4. Examiners shall observe strictly the timetable and location set for an examination. In cases where the examiner is absence and fails to submit notice of that absence, the examination arrangement shall be cancelled after a one-hour waiting period. Students shall report these circumstances without delay to the Dean who, without prejudice to the provisions of article 106§4 and following consultation with the students concerned, shall draw up a new examination arrangement.

Article 112 (Medical certificates)
If the substantiating document referred to in article 111 is a medical certificate, it will not be accepted if it is:

  1. An incomplete certificate or certificate containing contradictory information;
  2. A “dixit” certificate (a doctor’s certificate based on a patient’s claim of ill health rather than being based on a medical examination or diagnosis);
  3. A “post factum” certificate (which is  issued after an illness or when the medical consequences of an accident are no longer apparent). A medical certificate must be issued on the first day of an illness or accident.

Examination Boards  

Composition Examination Board

Composition Internal Appeal Committee