Exemption request


Thoroughly read through all of the guidelines below before handing in your request!



You may only hand in one request for exemptions per programme each academic year.

You are requesting an exemption for one or multiple exemptions:

  • 1st semester courses:                          Monday October 16th 2017
  • 1st and 2nd semester courses:             Monday October 16th 2017
  • 2nd semester courses:                         Thursday February 15th 2018



Your request is done by filling out the "Exemption Request 2017-2018" form. Unfortunately this document can't be filled in by Mac users. In this case you may complete your document manually or on one of the PCs in our computer rooms situated in Building B.

The faculty secretariat only considers complete requests, in printed form, that were handed in before the applicable deadline.

A complete exemption request consists of three chapters that are clearly separated by, for example, a new title page or tabs.

1. Chapter I: “Exemption Request”

→ Your personal details
→ The programme you are enrolled for (or will be enrolled for) at the ES faculty
→ All courses for which you would like to request an exemption per programme
→ The external courses stating the previous institution | academic year | result | ECTS (= number of credits)
→ Note! You fill in each field manually or via the drop-down list

2. Chapter II : “Diploma & diploma supplement | official transcript of records”

If you obtained your degree in a previous programme:
Copy of the official diploma(s) and supplements or a graduation certificate with a transcript of records

If you did not obtain your degree in a previous programme:
Copy of the official transcript of records with a stamp of the institution or signed by an authorized person.

On these documents, you indicate with a marker the external courses with the results and ECTS of your previous programme on the basis of which you are requesting exemptions.
Next to this result you mention the number of the VUB course for which you are requesting an exemption (for exemplae VUB OO | 01 etc.)

3. Chapter III: official course descriptions

The official content descriptions of the external courses that were used in the academic year when you obtained the credit certificate (a clear print screen could be sufficient). The documents are provided with logo and/or stamp of the institution. Make sure to put the number of the VUB course unit (for ex. VUB Course unit | 01) on the corresponding ECTS document.



You hand in your complete request for exemptions (in person!) at the ES Faculty secretariat.

Together with one of our employees an initial check of your request shall be performed, after which you will receive a receipt.

Requests for exemptions by e-mail will NOT be accepted. Requests that are sent by snail-mail (per post) will NOT be accepted.




  • Only one application per programme each academic year is allowed. Carefully examine which exemptions you would like to request. A request for exemption of a second semester course will not be reviewed if you already handed in a request for exemptions of first semester courses;

  • carefully read through the description of your VUB programme and sort out which courses of your prior studies are equivalent to VUB courses;

  • your request for exemptions needs to be complete. After handing in you will not be allowed to add any additional documents. Incomplete files will not be considered;

  • do not request exemptions of courses for which you obtained a VUB credit certificate. These results will automatically be transferred (check your Self-Service);

  • the ECTS transfer has to be in balance; we do not allow more than 1 ECTS gap between the previous completed course and a VUB-course;

  • following the general teaching and examination regulations, all student applicants have to mention all obtained degrees of higher education. Not-mentioned degrees during the application procedure will not be considered during the exemption request review;

  • the faculty secretariat will send the decision made to the email address you indicated;

  • granted exemptions will be registered in your Self-Service by the faculty administration. Please check your course registration the latest before the start of the examination session. In case of doubt, contact the faculty secretariat;

  • register yourself for all courses of your programme at the start of the academic year within the given deadlines. This also means courses for which you requested an exemption.


  • keep attending all classes until you are notified by the faculty secretariat of the decision taken;

  • the earlier you request your exemptions, the sooner you will receive a final decision. Requesting exemptions just before the deadline will result in longer waiting times. 


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